Our Company

ONTYME Information Brokers is a pioneer in providing business information and research services for companies focusing their investment needs within the Latin American region.

Sources & Team

The company, since 1989, has successfully completed more than 700 custom research projects for companies from all around the globe. With research expertise ONTYME I.B. covers not only in-depth internet sources not accessible to the public, as well as gathering for local documentation that includes from every newspaper, business journal, patents, standard and specifications, trade magazines and companies newsletter, to raw data provided by off-the-record sources, comprehensive interviews and local contacts.

Furthermore, ONTYME I.B.´s staff has access to Latin American government agencies, regional libraries, law courts, and other public and private sources within any area providing reports in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

ONTYME I.B.´s Strategic Information Department works to satisfy your more complex research needs. It provides you with in depth information, tailored to your requirement on a per project basis.

These assignments are performed by a highly skilled, professional and knowledgeable team, who makes use of a wide range of resources in order to identify and retrieve the information for your success.

Mission and Vision

ONTYME I.B.’s main goal is to utilize our best efforts to provide our customers with the most precise and complete information services on a timely manner, to assist them in the decision making process.

We understand that successful results do have a starting point: solid information !

Confidentiality Policy

Our professional staff will respect and protect all confidential information concerning its customers, at all times.

All customers will be provided with the company's statement on confidentiality signing an agreement, which outlines the obligations placed upon to safeguard information involved, the circumstances whereby the company may disclose confidential information, the circumstances where express consent is required and the customer's right to object any disclosure. ONTYME I.B. highly commits to this delicate and sensitive issue.